Public Call for pilot activities for diversification and improvement of the efficiency of agricultural holdings in Macedonia

Within the pre-accession assistance instrument (IPA Component 1), in January 2018, the Consortium Evoluxer, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy started the implementation of the Project “Building the basis for the reform of the tobacco sector”, funded by the European Union.

The main objective of this Project is to contribute to adaptation of the tobacco sector towards a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the EU regulation. Towards achieving the main objective, the Project has been structured into 5 activities, whereas the goal of activity No. 3 is selection of participants in pilot activities, as described hereinafter:

Activity No. 3: Developing pilot activities for diversification of income generated from manufacturing tobacco, by introducing alternative crops and/or increasing efficiency of tobacco production.

This Call applies to agricultural holdings, tobacco manufacturers, who would voluntarily be involved in the project activities, more concretely, within Activity No. 3, those who have their own land or have possession over land.

The support for the implementation of the pilot activities will be provided by the Project, by engaging experts in the relevant field, who will be assigned to implement the activities and conduct field monitoring. A total of 40 pilot activities will be implemented, rolled out in different periods of the year (2018/2019). The project will provide seeds, raw materials and any other supplies necessary for adequate implementation of the pilot activities.

All interested agricultural holdings/tobacco producers may address any additional questions to the following phone numbers: 02 / 3134-477, ext. 707, and 02 / 3134-477, ext. 55.

The Application Form for participation may be downloaded from the web pages where it was published:,, or obtained in hard copy directly from the Project office (220) within the premises of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

Receipt and registration of the completed applications shall be done in the Project Office, from 17 August to 17 September, from 9.00 to 15.00 hours or via mail at the address “Aminta Treti” No. 2- 1000 Skopje, labeled for participation in the Project “Building the basis for the reform of the Tobacco Sector”- office 220.

The deadline for submission of applications in printed format shall be 17th of September 2018, until 15.00 hours.

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