“We Believe in You, We Invest in You, EU for YOU!” – Major Event and Project Fair on EU Funded Programme for Employment, Education and Social Inclusion

On 4th December 2017, Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev, together with H.E. Samuel Žbogar, ‎Ambassador, Head of the Delegation of the European Union and the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Macedonia, Mr. Dragan Tevdovski opened a major promotional event aimed at presenting the overall results and achievements of the EU Programme for Employment, Education and Social Policy under the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development (2007-2013).

Official closing event of the Campaign “We believe in You, We invest in You, EU for YOU!”, being held in the premises of “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University, Faculty of Economics, was also attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Ms. Mila Carovska, and a lot of stakeholders and beneficiaries from the EU investment.

Project Fair was also organized, at which work of more than 45 projects was presented, in particular the activities implemented within the three priorities of the EU Programme – Employment, Education & Training and Social Inclusion. Each project representative presented promotional materials prepared under the implemented IPA Projects, also sharing its experience and achieved results.

Since the Project Fair was organized in a form of Project stands all of the stands were visited by high officials from the Delegation of the European Union, the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, members of embassies, members and students of the Faculty of Economies, as well as the public in general.

In parallel, three workshop debates were held, covering different topics related to the above-mentioned sectors: Youth Guarantee/Fighting Youth Unemployment; Practical Skills in Vocational Education and Training and Education for Adults for Improved Employability; Social Services and Social Integration at local level.                                                                                                                                         

EU Ambassador, H.E. Samuel Žbogar, conveyed the importance of the youth potential and their capacity as pillars for future leadership processes. The EU, through IPA, significantly assisted in improving the education quality, securing the path to better employability and social integration for all. EU Ambassador once again emphasized EU`s continued support for better future and higher living standard of the citizens.

Prime Minister Mr. Zoran Zaev pointed out that investing in opportunities for inclusion , as well as equal access of all people to the labor market is a long-term but most cost-effective investment for a society. He expressed his gratitude to the European Union for the opened opportunities for several thousand citizens, to improve themselves, to gain qualifications and to be able to get equal chance on the labor market. At the end, he highlighted the three important segments as preconditions for a better life for all citizens in a society: quality and applicable education, equal opportunities, and a wide range of employment opportunities.

Mr. Dragan Tevdovski, Minister of Finance of Republic of Macedonia conveyed that the European Union, with EUR 35.7 million through IPA Instrument, supported the Human Resources Programme (2007-2013), within which 96 projects were implemented in the total value of EUR 41.7 million . As for the respective projects, more than 13.000 people were supported through active employment measures, knowledge and skills improvement and integration of vulnerable groups in the society. During the event, Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to the relevant national accredited institutions, part of the Operational Structure for Human Resources Development: the National IPA Coordinator; the National Authorising Officer; the National Fund; the Audit Authority; the Central Financing and Contracting Department; the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Education and Science.