DIS in the Republic of Macedonia

The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has established the Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) for the implementation of the first four IPA Components in accordance with the Accreditation Criteria set in the Annex to the Commission Regulation (EC) No718/2007 (IPA Implementing Regulation), in order to:

  • manage the funds in an effective, economic and efficient way;
  • to ensure that bodies operate in accordance with the laws and other legislations;
  • to prevent irregularities and frauds in all kinds of financial decisions and transactions;
  • to ensure regular, timely and reliable reporting and acquisition of information for taking decisions and monitoring.

All the necessary bodies and authorities under DIS were officially appointed. Those bodies and authorities were given the necessary authority by signing relevant agreements, which define their roles and responsibilities in managing, implementation and control of the IPA funds under the Decentalised Implementation System.