IPA 2014-2020 (IPA II)

The Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), as a support of the European Union, continued to function in the period 2014-2020, through the new Instrument IPA II.

The process for setting up the structure and principles of IPA II was started in December 2010. On the basis of the consultations, the lessons learned and the experience gained throug the current IPA. Basic documents were prepared and the general principles for the further use of IPA II were determined.

Components that were applicable for IPA I, in IPA II are replaced with “areas of action” and a sectoral approach for managing aid. The new instrument IPA II is results-oriented. A feature of the new instrument for pre-accession assistance is the long-term impact of assistance, improving the situation in beneficiary countries and assisting in the accession process.

In order to manage the IPA II Community assistance during the pre-accession phase, the Republic of Macedonia has established the necessary structures and designated the key authorities to start with the implementation under the System for indirect management (SIM).

In accordance with the Clause 4 of Annex A of the Framework Agreement, the Operating Structure(s) is established within the administration of IPA II beneficiary.

The Operating Structure is a body or a collection of bodies within the administration of the Republic of Macedonia. The Operating Structure is responsible for managing, preparation and implementing the IPA II assistance in accordance with the principle of sound financial management.

The operating structures are composed of an institution or group of institutions that carry out the functions and assume the responsibilities set out in the Framework Agreement and the Sectoral Agreement.

The Operating structure of IPA II is composed of:

– Central Financing and Contracting Department within the Ministry of Finance as a Contracting Authority and

– IPA structure within the IPA II beneficiary institutions for which is decided to be part of the operating structure for the IPA II.

The segregation of roles and duties between the structures that comprises the operating structure for IPA II and their mutual relations are determined by the Operating Agreements.

The Operating Structure shall ensure sound financial management and implementation of EU funded projects under SIM, respecting the principles of assistance as per Clause 4 of Annex A of the FwA and Article 10 of IPA II IR.

The Operating Structure shall be established as collection of bodies comprised of CFCD and the institutions beneficiaries of assistance under IPA II programme.

OS shall be responsible for preparation, implementation, information and visibility referred to in Articles 23 and 24 of the FWA, monitoring and reporting of programmes, and evaluation thereof whenever relevant, in accordance with the principle of sound financial management. It shall be responsible for ensuring the legality and regularity of the expenditure incurred in the implementation of the programmes under its responsibility.

 Framework Agreement IPA II Official Journal 99 – 2015

Decree on IPA II