Glossary Terms

Accession Negotiations

Accession negotiations are vital in terms of evaluating how ready candidate countries are for accession. Each country is judged on its own merits from the point of view of compliance with the accession criteria. Negotiations help candidate countries to prepare [… Read More]

Clearance of Accounts

Procedure aiming at checking that expenditure by the Member States (under shared management) or by third countries (under decentralised management) may be charged to the EC budget, and if not, at recovering money unduly paid.

Contracting Authority – CA

The Contracting Authority for the first four IPA Components is the Central Financing and Contracting Department, as part of the Ministry of Finance, whereas the Contracting Authority for the fifth IPA Component is the IPARD Paying Agency.

Cross-Border Cooperation Component – CBC

The second IPA Component. This component covers Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) activities between (potential) Candidate Countries and Member States, as well as CBC activities between Candidate Countries and Potential Candidate Countries. The main aim of this component is to promote sustainable [… Read More]

Decentralised Implementation System (of the first four IPA Components) – DIS

A management system within which part of the management and responsabilities shall be transferred to the Republic of Macedonia as a benebiciary country, while the European Commission shall carry out ex-ante control over the management process and shall retain the [… Read More]

European social fund

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Final Beneficiary – FB

The Operating Structure for the Human Resources Development Component of IPA, responsible for initiating and implementing operations under the Human Resources Development Component that retains the direct responsibility for the implementation of the operations under the OPHRD, namely in terms [… Read More]

Financing Agreement

An annual or multi-annual agreement concluded for each IPA Component between the European Commission and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, following a Commission financial decision approving the Community contribution to a programme/ operation and is composed of the [… Read More]


Measurement of an objective to achieve, a resource mobilised, an output accomplished, an effect obtained (economic, social or environmental). The information provided by an indicator is of a quantitative nature and is used to measure facts or opinions. An indicator [… Read More]

Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA)

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